Manage Video Clips in iPhoto 6


I was searching the internets this past weekend in search of a simple solution for managing and organizing my video clips on my Mac. I have a somewhat dated iMac with OS X version 10.4 and I don’t have the latest iLife versions. My current version of iPhoto is version 6. I’ve imported short video clips from my camera into iPhoto and that works fine, but I was having a problem trying to find them again. A search resulted in a very simple and elegant tip on this blog: Find Videos in iPhoto. So I attempted to implement the solution and found that there was no “Photo” option in the drop down list for creating my Smart Album. Bummer. I left a comment on the original blog post asking for help.

Of course after investigating a little more I found something else. Whenever you import video clips into iPhoto (version 6) it automatically attaches the “Movie” keyword to the clip. Eureka! I just created a Smart Album using that keyword as in the following screenshot.


So I’ve answered my own question. Now I just select my Videos smart album and I can browse through all of the various video clips I have stored on my iMac. Beauty, eh.