Any Lucky Moshi Alarm Clock


moshi3Any Lucky Day is a website that constantly holds giveaways. It’s a great way for companies to get some advertising for their products, I’m sure the giveaway website gets a nice kickback from the traffic that it sends to the product sites and most importantly of all… YOU can win some really cool stuff! All that is generally required is to leave a comment in the comments section for the post that you would like to win (as long as it is still active/open). Well, this finally paid off for me and I won a Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock.

The package arrived this weekend though I haven’t had a chance to crack it open until today. My first impression is that it is a lot smaller than I though it would be. I suppose this makes sense as it is a “travel alarm clock” and you wouldn’t want to carry around a large bulky alarm clock on the road. The packaging is very nice and sleek, somewhat Apple-ish. Inside there is basically the clock and an instruction manual. I peeled the clear cover off the faceplate and flipped the unit over to reveal the battery compartment. It was easy to open and I put in the 3 required AAA batteries.

Taking It For A Spin

I pushed the IVR button. The alarm clock prompted me for a command to which I responded, “set time.” The clock then asked for the current time. I replied and then the clock confirmed that it had set the time for the exact time I had requested. SWEET! This is really cool. I then asked for the time again to which it replied. I tried asking for the temperature and it responded perfectly. Whenever the clock is activated the backlit display turns on a very bright blue making it eas to read. Plus for such a small clock the numbers for the time are surprisingly large, which should make it easier for those of us who wear glasses to read the thing in the middle of the night.


I would very much recommend this product if you are a traveler. It doesn’t have a radio, but I’m sure most techies out there have a dedicated MP3 player of some flavor. It would be nice to wake up to tunes as I am accustomed to, but the IVR voice recognition technology is really cool. Not only that but Moshi has a larger, at-home version that looks very nice. They don’t have any version which allow you to listen to music yet (i.e. music files, player dock or radio), but they do say they are working on one. I can’t wait!