Upgrade Time : WordPress 2.9 and MySQL 5

WordPress 2.9 was release somewhat recently and so like a good WP minion I logged into my site and clicked the update button. Error… uh oh. Apparently WordPress 2.9 requires a more recent version of MySQL (>= 4.1.2). My host installed MySQL 5 ages ago but I’ve never bothered with migrating to the new version because I didn’t have a reason to. Now I do. So here’s how my upgrade went.

First I made a full backup of both the web content and the MySQL database. The MySQL database backup was just a mysqldump command like so:

I then restored the SQL backup  to my new MySQL 5 database like so:

Amazingly I did not have any errors… I guess it is a good day! Next I changed my WordPress config to point to the new database by modifying <WEB HOME>/wp-config.php and setting the appropriate new values in:

I pulled up http://www.franzone.com and all looked fine (other than the fact that my blog design is in serious need of updating). I then logged into my WordPress administration site and flushed the cache from WP-Super-Cache and went back to the home page. Everything still looks fine. Now I updated my backup scripts with the new database information and performed yet another backup.

Ok, final step is to upgrade WordPress. I can login to the WordPress administration and have the software do this for me automagically. Everything went smoothly. One last backup and I’m done.

  • Glad to hear it went well. I was happy I didn’t have to bother with the MySQL upgrade on my sites.

  • Very nice! I would have imagined more drama with the MySQL conversion. Our host is still stuck on MySQL 4, but my turn is coming …