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Political Battle For The Internet

xkcd is a hilarious web comic that I follow. The funny thing is that it’s drawn in stick figures. Of course that doesn’t matter because the humor is awesome and this story is one of epic proportions,  I thought I’d re-post to give him a little extra press (not that he needs it).

Can Your Phone Do This?

Don’t you just love Dilbert? This comic resonates deeply with me and the advent of all the shiny new cell phones and features : *cough* iPhone! *cough*. Actually I’m just jealous because I can’t afford to buy one right now, but until I can… this is how I feel.

Diversity Training!

I just received an email from my work that stated something similar to the following: Dear Jonathan Franzone, This e-mail will provide you with information on how to participate in Online Diversity Training. Every employee of XYZ Corp. is being asked to complete this online training program. To participate in this program, you will need… …

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Six Million Dollar Sasquatch

This is just plain ole awesome crap T.V. at it’s finest hour. The six million dollar man faces off with the six million dollar sasquatch (bigfoot). Why the heck would anyone build a bionic bigfoot, anyway? I don’t know, but this clip sure is hilarious. All you need for a great action shot is a) …

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