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PHP Init Style Status Message

Yesterday I talked about created SUCCESS and FAILED status messages in a Bash script (Bash Script Init Style Status Message). Well, on occasion I use PHP for shell/system scripting and of course I thought it would be nice to incorporate my new status messages in those scripts as well. Turns out that it was quite …

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Bash Script Init Style Status Message

Have you ever wondered how the OK and/or FAILED messages are printed out in the initialization of services on a Linux system during bootup? Well… I have. Anyway, I’ve always thought that it was really cool how the OK and FAILED messages printed out at the same column on the screen and in different colors. So of course I wanted to know how to do that so I could use it in my own scripts.

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How To Create A Bash Install Script

Have you ever wanted to create an installer program on a Linux system, but didn’t want all the hassle of an actual install builder? I have. I recently had need of a simple, no frills installation that could: ask the user a few questions extract some binary files and do some stuff with those binary …

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