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Writing A WordPress Filter To Modify Post/Page Titles

I was recently working on a new WordPress theme when I had need to modify the title of pages before output. The style I was attempting to use involved wrapping <span> tags around the title (inside of the href tags). The wp_list_pages() function returns pages (which are basically the same as posts) and has several …

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How Can I Recover My Lost MySQL root Password?

Many people use the MySQL open source relational database server. Mostly for websites, but I’ve also seen it used elsewhere. One problem that I recently ran into with my local development installation is… “what was my root password again?” Aaaggghh! OK, sorry. Don’t panic; it can be recovered. A quick survey of the internet and …

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Conditional Statements And Comparison Order – Part 2

In the original posting, Conditional Statements And Comparison Order, I brought up a coding style used by some software engineers that struck me as odd. The practice of placing a constant value first in a conditional comparison. For example: if(“Some String” == aVariable) { // Do some stuff } … Listing 1 I never liked …

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