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Get Cash Back @ Bing

I wrote a short post a while back about the new search engine… or excuse me, “personal decision engine” (yeah, whatever)… from Microsoft called Bing. I just ran across this today and though it was interesting. Something more to try and entice users away from the Google behemoth is a Cash Back Program. So apparently …

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Google Chrome Browser – First Impressions

Last night I downloaded and installed Google Chrome, Google’s latest creation, an internet web browser. At first I wasn’t really all that interested as I’m quite infatuated with FireFox 3, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check it out. When you first open up Google Chrome, you get a very sleek and minimalist interface …

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Will The Google Phone Overtake The iPhone?

The release of Apple’s iPhone has made tremendous waves in the cellphone industry. However, the honeymoon is over and the iPhone has been “cracked” in favor or more user customization and third party applications. Apple has announced an SDK (software developer kit) to be release for the iPhone coming in February 2008, but by then …

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