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Hey Microsoft, Where Are My Keyboard Shortcuts!?

I recently upgraded to Microsoft Office 2010. I really like the way the design team is going on their newer versions. It is really sleek and nice feeling, but I’ve noticed something missing… my keyboard shortcuts! I’m a Linux guy at heart (I install cygwin on every Windows machine I own and/or use) so performing …

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Microsoft Offering AdWare, What?

It appears that the software and operating system giant, Microsoft will be offering it’s next version of Microsoft Works as a free ad-supported software suite. For the time being, however, the new version of Works will be ad-funded, according to Satya Nadella, the newly minted Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Search & Advertising Platform Group. …

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Is That OS X, Vista, XP or Linux? The Infiltration Is Complete

VMWare Fusion Beta 4 is loose and in the wild as of 06/07/2007. We all know and recognize VMWare as the leader in the virtualization industry, so the following quote will come as no surprise. Built from the ground up for the Mac, VMware Fusion leverages nearly a decade of virtualization expertise to harness the …

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