ProBlogger Top 5 Writing Project – Final Day


I’m fairly new to the blogging world; I started seriously investing in it this year. It has become a new passion for me. One of my new favorite sites is called ProBlogger by a guy named Darren Rowse (an Aussie). Heran a competition/project this week called the Top 5 Group Writing Project. I decided to get involved since I’ve never done anything like this. I really had fun writing my Top 5 Tantalizing Blog Title Techniques. Anyway, I learned a lot, stretched myself in my writing, found some new blogs, made a few new friends online and gained a few new readers (I hope).

Well, for your viewing pleasure and perusal (the pingbacks don’t hurt either) here is the complete list of submissions. Go to the potty and get a drink first… it’s quite large.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4