The Last Firefox AddOn You Will Ever Need

How would like for your computer… nay, your web browser (cough, Firefox) to know exactly when you need more information and to know exactly what type of information you need while browsing the web? Well, AdaptiveBlue believes they have done just that! Maybe not the exactly part, but pretty darn close. Just right click on a term while browsing a web page and you will be presented with a myriad of options like dictionary definitions, wikipedia entries, imdb listings, Amazon listings, ebay listings, similar tunes on, similar blog topics, and the list goes on. This is the Superman of add-ons!

I read about this nifty addon in the Compiler Blog on Wired’s Blog Network. The original article is titled BlueOrganizer Squeezes Your Personal Web Into a Single Click.

* BTW – Don’t bother looking for it. They don’t have RSS feeds over at WIRED Magazine. I’ve already submitted user feedback for that. You should do the same while you are there though, because that is just stupid not to have an RSS Feed.