5 Terabyte Hard Drives


How big is big enough! It seems that no matter how big a hard drive I put into my computer I always seem to fill it up and need more space. On a side note, I think that is just a human character trait. Think about it… don’t you hate moving? Why? Because of all the stuff! Usually in the process you get rid of some of the stuff, but not much. Then the place you move into to (hopefully) is larger than the previous. Ah, more room… I’m not going to fill this one up. Wrong! In no time the new space is just as occupied as the previous.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, hard drives. I can remember when Terabyte was a word that people had to lookup. “What does Terabyte mean?” they’d say. Wow, you should never need that much space. Nowadays you can purchase a 1 Terabyte Hard Drive for well under $500. It is very common place to see this much storage sitting comfortably next to a video editing workstation.

When will it stop? Will it ever end? I seriously doubt it. Thankfully there are many smart people (with financial interests of course) that are developing new and innovative ways to store more data in smaller spaces, thus expanding the current upper limit thresholds of hard drive storage space. If you want to see what’s happening you can check out this article about Fujitsu who is currently making great headway into this area of technology. So when can I pickup my 5 Terabyte external hard drive? I’m not sure, but I’ve ramblings and rumors in different places around the web that indicate anywhere from 2010 to 2019 as target dates for these new sizes. I’m sure nobody wants to show their hand prematurely. 😉