FeedBurner MyBrand Integration Complete

Well after hours of labor and hard coding I have finally switched all of my feed links over to the new MyBrand feed located at http://feeds.franzone.com/franzone. To test it out you can just click on this link http://www.franzone.com/feed/ or any of the other feed links on the site to see the new URL. Wooptey-do, right?

This tutorial is for WordPress users, so if you’re ready we can jump right into the nitty-gritty of how to get it done. Are you ready? If you’re using the FeedBurner service then you should have their FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin installed. Just go to the Options admin page, then the FeedBurner page and finally type in the new URL for your MyBrand FeedBurner service.

OK, it wasn’t all that hard after all. Just goes to show the power of using a plugin to do something over modifying the source throughout your entire theme.