ReiserFS: File System or X-Files?


Hans Reiser
A brilliant but irascible coder. A missing wife. Incriminating drops of blood. And a host of unanswered questions. How a Linux geek got accused of murder.

As a Linux user I’ve used the ReiserFS for some time on some of my installations. It’s interesting how you use certain things in your life and never stop to think if there is a story behind that piece of code, or software or technology. I read this very interesting article in Wired Magazine and was shocked at the strange lifestyle and thoughts of the creator of this file system. It’s also interesting to read about all of the circumstances that lead to this Linux geek being accused of murdering his wife.

Here is the original article if you want to go give it a read for yourself: Hans Reiser: Once a Linux Visionary, Now Accused of Murder.