Tech Bundle – July 23

Have more than one email? Want to aggregate them all into one interface that is online? Fuser, a new service that is still in beta, may be just what the doctor ordered! There’s also a review of the site on Mashable: Fuser to Launch Email Aggregating Service.

EachDay is photo and multimedia sharing site that has a unique approach. They automatically (as much as possible) put your photos, videos and other information into a timeline. The idea is that by sharing your profile people can not only view photos, videos and read about you, but they will have a unique snapshot of your life. Pretty cool. Read a review on Mashable: EachDay Launches Great Multimedia Timeline Tool.

Here’s an interesting one I pulled out. YummyFriends is a social network for mommies. Interesting name. Guess they couldn’t have gone with YummyMommies… that’d probably put them into a whole other genre. Ahem; Sorry. Read a review on Mashable: YummyFriends is a Community for Busy Moms.

Looks like Amp’d Mobile is going out of business while their major competitor, Helio is making headway in the market. Read about it on TechCrunch: Amp’d is Done. Helio Surges.

The next dot com era? This article on TechCrunch [VC Investment Hits Highest Level Since 2001] indicates that venture capital investments in web and internet companies is at an all time high.