Your Blog Has Been Thoofed!

What!? Thoof is another social / networking site similar to Digg, Stumble and the likes which allows you to have your blog postings rated by the internet community. Signing up is extremely easy. Just click the previous link to go to the site and look in the upper right hand corner of the page. There is a Login link and also a Sign Up link. Just enter an email, check your email and then enter a few simple pieces of information (username and password) to register.

Now what? Well, obviously you’ll want to submit some of your awesome blog entries into the fray, right? Of course! Just click on Submit A Story and enter a few details. After that they’ll also give you a Thoof Badge that you can embed into your blog story and show off your ratings. Just highlight the badge HTML, copy it to your clipboard and then paste it into the code of your blog post. Easy!

Not only that, but after signing up you can get personalized news just by logging into Thoof. Pretty cool. Hey where’s the end of the front page!? I have no idea. This is actually a really cool feature. The page loads very fast and brings up the top stories, about six on my screen resolution. Try scrolling down though… the scroll bar just keeps growing as the front page content does as well. Very nifty.

So head over and get your blog Thoofed before everyone else does. You could be on top of the Thoof pile!