Broken CGI Directory

Through the course of some research for a project I ran across a CGI directory site. Basically it lists various CGI scripts and also a handful of tutorials and tips. The site is What is so special about this directory? Well, nothing actually. I just thought I’d mention it for the following funny reason. Browsing through the directory I found an interesting script that I wanted to take a look at. I clicked through to the details screen, which had a description of various properties of the script (platform, cost, author, etc). My next logical step was to click through to the site owner so that I could download the script. No such luck!

The site uses a “jump” CGI script to redirect you to the destination of the script. Unfortunately clicking on the link gives you an Error 404 – File Not Found. Not the script you are looking for… the redirect script. Anyway, I just thought it somewhat ironic that a “CGI” directory had a broken CGI script as it’s main mechanism of getting to the content of the site.