Halloween! A Film By Rob Zombie?


Fall is fast approaching and of course we have the scary movie marathons to look for both on the screen and on television. The latest reincarnation of the Halloween the movie franchise was written and directed by none other than Rob Zombie. Don’t know who that is? He is a rock… maybe goth rock musician who’s music has been featured in many movies including The Matrix. It is not really a new thing for song artists to branch out into other arenas these days, but this one actually surprised me a little. Obviously he has the right name for job. 😉 Other than that though, I’m not that familiar with song artists directing films… let alone writing them! It will be interesting to see what Rob brings to the film genre that is actually quite close to his own music. I also wonder if he will be featuring his own music in the film?

As for my own tastes in scary movies, I’ve always been more of a space thriller kind of guy. That has changed a lot in recent years, especially as I have three children now. However, I do still like to get scared a bit at the movies from time to time (my wife is rolling her eyes at me now… virtually that is).

Want a preview? I knew you would. Here is a little teaser video from Halloween the movie, written and directed by Rob Zombie.

Do you have any views on the upcoming movie? Are you excited or just… meh? Do you have any interesting scary movie stories? Please leave them in the comments section and thanks so much for stopping by my blog!