I Wish I Could Wrap Myself In… Thee?


I was just listening to my U2 Edition iPod and Blue Oyster Cult’s In Thee came on. I love classic music of the 70’s era so I have a lot of this type of stuff. This time round though I was listening to the lyrics… which is quite odd for me. Especially if I’m working. At the end of the first Chorus they sing, “But I wish I could wrap myself, In thee.” What? Who talks like that? In thee!? Yeah, yeah… I know it’s the title of the song, but I just thought it was funny that band’s actually sang like this. I guess it’s artifact of the Jesus movement. Now for your lyric viewing pleasure:

Maybe I’ll see you again baby
And maybe I won’t
Maybe you’ve bought your ticket
Gone back to Detroit
Airplanes make strangers of us all
Give us distance
Much too easily.

Jim says some destinies
Should not be delivered
But you and I seen now baby
That still they are
Winning it makes losers of us all
‘Cause the dice roll
So indifferently.

Well, I’ll wrap myself in cities I travel
I’ll wrap myself in dreams
I’ll wrap myself in solitude
(“stranger’s arms” FOR 3RD CHORUS)
But I wish I could wrap myself
In thee.

Tonight it’s hot, without you
Tomorrow’ll be cold
Winter will come along
Driven by snow
Love it makes strangers of us all
When we part
Oh so thoughtlessly


Once we breathed the breath
Of sweet surrender
Pure, pure Arab air filled our
But pride it makes stars of us all
Until we fall
For everyone to see.