Free Magazine Subscription! Internet Retailer

I just received a sign-up offer for a FREE 1 year subscription to Internet Retailer magazine. I don’t do much internet retailing, but for a cost of FREE I couldn’t really pass it up. The sales pitch states that it includes:

…comprehensive coverage of the practices, strategies and technologies that are shaping web retailing… latest trends in marketing retail web sites, the newest technologies in mobile commerce, the most effective web site designs, the expansion of the web in stores, the future of web TV, the latest techniques in search engine marketing, and proprietary data on America’s 500 largest e-retailers.

You can click through the link above to go to their main page and follow the FREE SUBSCRIPTION link on that page. You can also go strait to the sign-up form for your FREE SUBSCRIPTION here. The free deal is only available to U.S. residents, sorry 🙁 You can still subscribe internationally but you will have to pay the regular subscription price, $102.95 per year in Canada or $128.95 elsewhere.