People Watching And Bluetooth Headsets, You Look Ridiculous!

When cell phones initially came out they changed the world. People were no longer bound to their land-lines when it came to conversing with the people in their lives. I was actually a cell phone and pager salesman back in the day. I can remember selling those huge bricks of a phone. People would actually carry those around, tethered to their belt and chat with their friends. You know what? They looked completely ridiculous!

Fast forward to today. Cell phones are so tiny, slim and fancy that you can hardly notice someone carrying one (if they don’t want you to). The problem with these phones though is that you have to lift the darn thing to your ear to talk. That’s just craziness. Of course another technological breakthrough left us with the bluetooth headset. Great! Problem solved. Another problem, depending on your perspective, has been introduced.

Wearing A Bluetooth HeadsetPeople wear these things on their ear… ALL THE TIME. And you know what? Yep, you saw it coming. They look ridiculous! I’d even go so far as to say they look stupid. “Hey, everybody! Look at me, I have a cellphone. Aren’t I special? Am I talking to you or the person on my phone? You won’t know because I look like I’m a reject from Star Trek.”

Ok, you get the point. Furthermore, I apologize for using this blog to rant. Of course it IS my blog. 🙂