Geek Gift Ideas – Dec 6 (Palmsize R/C Helicopter)

Palmsize R/C Helicopter from ThinkGeek.comI can remember as a small boy going to an abandoned field with my dad and watching a bunch of old guys flying radio controlled airplanes. I was absolutely enthralled. There was a helicopter I can remember that was very interesting and even a plane that was made from an old push lawn mower! There is just something cool about a miniature size replica of a real life flying machine. And there is something even better about having the ability to actually fly and control that machine. I’m sure you have seen these Palmsize R/C Helicopter advertisements by now… they are virtually everywhere. Of course a geek gift guide would not be complete without their inclusion so here it is! as them available for $29.99 US or $49.99 US for a set of 2 (a savings of $9.99 US).

Important Note
You will have to practice your flying before you can do as well as we do in the video. Keep the following in mind: You can adjust the forward speed of the copter by twisting the tail slightly right or left before flight (see the instructions). Right turns are wider than left turns due to the dynamics of the rotor. Luckily for you the Palmsize R/C Helicopter is forgiving on crashes.

Product Features :

  • Amazingly small Infrared Remote control helicopter
  • Color Cycling Multi-Color LED for Night Flying
  • Intended for indoor use. Outdoor flying only under ZERO wind conditions.
  • Full Flight control with up/down and turn right/left
  • Helicopter is always moving forward slowly
  • Body is constructed from injection molded plastic and carbon fiber
  • Internal helicopter battery charges from remote control unit
  • 15 minute charge time, 5 – 7 minute flight time
  • Uses 6AA Batteries (Not Included)

Finally here is some video of the Palmsize R/C Helicopter in action! Click through to the site if you cannot see the video.