Geek Gift Ideas – Dec 18 (56 Geeks Poster)

56 Geeks Poster by Scott Johnson

56 Geeks Poster

Scott Johnson, the always smooth and sultry baritone of the Extra Life Radio podcast and The Instance podcast, has created a poster full of 56 stereotypical geeks. This is a very nice poster, too! You are sure to find yourself peeking back at you from one or more of the characters. Comes in a 20×30 inch photo print for $29.99 USD or a 9×12 inch for $9.99 USD. Head on over to Scott’s site to get the skinny on the 56 Geeks Poster today!

Create Your Own Geek

If you do not see yourself enough in any of the 56 geeks on the existing poster, you can create your own. For only $42 USD you can commission Scott to create a geek to your specifications and even with your likeness if you want. You get an 8×10 inch print and 5 4×6 inch prints with this package.

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