Link Bundle – March 19


Happy Hump Day! Here are just a few links to help you survive the rest of the week.

Gamer’s Tools Review: Logitech G15 Keyboard and G9 Mouse – Ilya Kochanov reviews two peripherals that could take your gaming to the next level.

5 Types Of People You Need To Stay Away From On The Web – Hyder gives the down-low on several types of people that you should avoid at all costs on the internet. 5 to be exact.

Wiping the mystery out of WordPress debugging – Sterling Camden provides a solutions for debugging your WordPress plugins. That’s such a cool name, isn’t it? “Hello. My name is Sterling… Sterling Camden… 007.”

12 Future Apps For Your iPhone – Alex Iskold takes a look at what is on the horizon for the applications on the iPhone now that the new SDK has been released.

American Consumers Not As Enlightened As You Think – Chuck Squatriglia puts it to you straight about what American consumers are really looking for in their automobiles. Are we really trying to move toward a Greener society? Or do we just want more horsepower and an iPod adapter in the dash?