Link Bundle – April 9

App Engine: Host Your Apps with Google
Brady Forrest over at O’Reilly Radar gives us the low-down on the new Google App Engine project. This is a hosted platform for creating web applications, including storage, auto-scaling, Google’s processing power and a datastore.

Hack Your Mid-Week Routine To Enjoy The Coming Weekend
Hyder at Everybody Go To gives us some Wednesday tips to help us enjoy the coming weekend a bit more.

Top 10 Traits of a Rockstar Software Engineer
Looking for the next rockstar software engineer? Alex Iskold lists out the traits that you should be looking for to find that next great hire.

Minas Tirith Matchstick Model
Cools story about a project to create a model of Minas Tirith (the white city from the Lord of the Rings) out of matchsticks. Pictures included… truly amazing.

Flickr Dips Its Toe into Video-Sharing. How Will You Use It?
Finally… another video sharing site! Flickr has decided to throw it’s hat into the multimedia sharing venue and Mashable gives us some of the details.