Link Bundle – April 30


Insoshi: Best Social Network Platform Evar
Mashable covers an open source platform for creating your own social network. Insoshi is built with Ruby on Rails and looks like it has most of the bells and whistles that come with modern social networks.

Lycos On the Auction Bloc
Interested in competing with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live? Well now is your chance! The Lycos Europe search engine company is up for sale.

Java Secrets Revealed #1
Ethan Nicholas goes into the underbelly of the beast and reveals some intriguing secrets about Java.

45 Photo Editing Tutorials For Photoshop
Vandelay Website Design does it again and brings you a nice juicy list with great tutorials geared towards the web designer.

5 Techniques for Creating Java Web Services from WSDL
Milan Kuchtiak presents a very good tutorial on how to create Java web services from a WSDL.