Link Bundle – May 14

Log memory usage using declare and ticks in PHP
Dave Marshall, a web developer living in Hull, England, share a really quick and simple trick to allow you to monitor the memory usage of a PHP script. Thanks, Dave!

Magnify’s Really Cool Video and Image Search Tool for Blogs brings you a review of blogging tool to help you search for and insert both video and images into your blog. The site is called is pretty cool. Go check it out! Releases Public API
TechCrunch gives the low down on a new programming API for the service. This allows you to highlight any geographical information you want from within your program – property listings, speed traps, weather reports, etc. There is a video on the site too!

Well, I usually give you five links on hump day to get you through the week. Alas, I am extremely busy this week, so this is all you get!