Cleaning Up HTML Code

I love (sarcastically) cleaning up other people’s HTML code. For instance I just found this little snippet.

So let me get this straight… in this table column you want a single space, formatted with”Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif” font of size 2. Then you want to follow that with another single space formatted with the “Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif” font and size 2.


  • Well, you have to atleast hope it was automated! Please tell me it was….please…

    What would be cool would be a “auto-cssifier” that pulled out your styling, condensed, and handled it for you.

  • An Auto-CSSifier, eh? That sounds like a pretty cool project to work on. 🙂
    Yeah, I believe most of that kind of crap is from using WYSIWYG editors for web markup… which I hate! lol