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Post Lag and Barbeques

Sorry there has been a lag in my post frequency guys. Work has kind of gotten in the way this week and well… the lights don’t keep themselves on. I only ran three times this week, but I bumped my distance up to four miles per run! So my overall distance is about the same. …

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Just A Good Run

I had a good run today. The pace was nice and slow, but not a snail’s pace. I was so busy thinking about my blog and what features I was going to add next that I really wasn’t thinking about the run all that much. That tends to make the run seem a lot shorter. …

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Guild Site

I finally joined a WoW guild. I haven’t had the opportunity to run any instances with them yet, but they seem like a great bunch of people and are very friendly. The highest level is 50 right now so I’m not too far from the top (level 43 Rogue and level 41 Warlock). Anyway we …

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Check Out Our Family Gallery

Our latest addition (a beautiful little girl) is now 3 months old. It’s hard to believe that she’s here and I cannot imagine life without her now. Avery is just a sweet baby and a great addition to our family. Anyway, head on over to our family blogspace to check out some photos: family.franzone.com

My First Warlock

Last night I had some connection issues which lead to the, “There is already a character with that name in this realm” problem. It’s not actually that long that you have to wait (about 3 minutes I think). But alas, I was impatient so I started configuring an Orc Warlock. I figured I just run …

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