Geek Gift Ideas – November 30

xkcd_book_300Some people have said that, “laughter is the best medicine.” Well, today’s geek gift idea is the gift of laughter; the kind that appeals to geeks in particular. xkcd is described as a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language. This book, xkcd: volume 0, is the first book that combines selections of the first 600 comics, including various author and fan favorites.

The cost is US $18.00 and is printed by BreadPig. Another thing that makes this a really neat gift idea is that BreadPig’s portion of the profits will go to build a school in Laos through the charity Room to Read.

Geek Gift Ideas – November 27


Why not start off the Geek Gift Ideas 2009 edition with a Despair, Inc. 2010 Custom Calendar. Every geek loves geek humor and Despair Inc. has been dishing out the sarcasm for years now. Not only does this calendar provide a hilarious demotivator for each month, but it also contains important dates in geek history. For example:

  • January 9, 2007: Apple CEO Steve Jobs announces the iPhone. Motorola cringes.
  • February 26, 1955: George Smith makes aviation history by becoming the first man to bail out of a jet at supersonic speeds
  • March 18, 1947: Patent #2417786 was issued to Hurley Smith for the “Pocket Shield Or Protector”. The nerd is born.
  • April 28, 1997: Duke Nukem Forever’ announced. 12 years later, it remains unreleased.

The calendar costs US $15.99 and will earn you 225 geek points.

Geek Gift Ideas – Dec 2

Bluetooth Retro Handset from So I don’t know how you feel, but sometimes I really miss those big bulky telephone handsets. Remember the old Motorola Star Tecs and those humongous square brick phones that important people used to carry around? The phones these days, even the ones for your home, are all small and sleek and stylish. I’ve seen some cell phones that are just flat out too dern small.

Now there is a solution from that allows you to have the best of both worlds! The Bluetooth Retro Handset is just like those big telephone handsets that might normally be associated with a rotary dial. But since it is a Bluetooth handset you can connect it to your cell phone and it will actually be functional! How cool is that?


  • An original ThinkGeek design – not sold anywhere else
  • Battery charges via USB connection
  • Make and receive calls
  • Approximately 30 ft range
  • Works with Bluetooth V1.0, 1.1, 1.2
  • Blue LED indicates function mode
  • Comes with: Handset, USB cable, Instructions
  • Please note: cell phone not included


Geek Gift Ideas – Dec 1

WiFi Signal Strength TShirt from What better way to treat the geek in your life this Christmas than a T-Shirt that has a built-in WiFi signal strength indicator? For all of you non-technical folks WiFi is a wireless local area network that allows you connect… well, without wires… to the internet. Of course it could just connect you to a network and not the actual internet, but that’s besides the point. So what is the point? This shirt is way cool! Where can you get this awesome T-Shirt (and a ton more that are just as cool)? Head on over to ThinkGeek T-Shirts
to pick one up.

Here are some of the features of the Wi-Fi Detector Shirt:

  • Glowing animated shirt dynamically displays the current wi-fi signal strength.
  • Shows signal strength for 802.11b or 802.11g
  • Black 100% Cotton T-Shirt
  • Animated Decal is Removable (with hook and loop fasteners) for Easy Washing
  • Battery Pack is Concealed in a Small Pocket Sewn Inside the Shirt
  • Runs for hours off three AAA Batteries (not included)