Hackety-Hack, Don’t Come Back

Well, this has been a first for me. I was recently hacked on this very blog; or at least it was brought to my attention recently. I suppose it could have taken place a while ago. My hosting provider started sending me notices that my webspace account was generating large amounts of spam mail while I was away on vacation. So naturally by the time I got back home, they had shut down all of my websites. Of course, that was a good thing because they actually researched and found the offending scripts inside a WordPress theme that I had installed. Thus the reason that my blog is somewhat out of sorts now.

So a big thanks goes out to 1&1 Web Hosting for finding the problem and dealing with it in a reasonably quick fashion. Naturally I’ll be scrutinizing my WordPress themes a bit more closely from now on.

RoboForm Update – Online Passwords!

RoboForm: Learn more...I just noticed this really cool feature so I thought I’d throw a shout-out to my favorite password manager. I’ve been using AI RoboForm for many a year now and have actually reviewed it on this site before. I really love this program. Basically it’s a program that sits in your task tray and includes a browser plugin (Firefox and IE) which can fill out passwords and forms for you… automagically! It includes one-click logon which will take you to the desired site and log you in. There are a ton more features which I don’t even utilize but the skinny of it is… I’d be lost without this program. Seriously.

That said, I just noticed a new online synchronization feature that they have included in the latest version. Basically you create an online login on their site, which you then sync up with your desktop version. Now that I’ve set this up I can have access to my logins and passwords even when I forget my thumb drive! (Oh yeah, they have a portable app version that runs off of a thumb drive)