The Gunslinger

The Dark Tower I: The GunslingerI just finished listening to The Gunslinger, the first book in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. This series made it onto my potential reading list because of the suggestion of Scott Johnson, a web cartoonist who also has several podcasts which I enjoy (The Instance, Film Sack!) I am currently training for a marathon, so my weekend runs are fairly long (in the multiple hour range) and I decided it would be a good opportunity to listen to some audiobooks. I just picked The Gunslinger from my list because I had the audiobook and it seemed like a good place to start.

So how did I like it? It was really good. You can look it up and read all about it, so I won’t rehash the details of the novel and what it is about. The thing I liked was that it mixed so many different genres. It is a cowboy western with some sorcery/magic mixed in. There is also a “knights of the round table” feel and some modern day sci fi. Throw in some religion (a somewhat blasphemous take on Christianity no less – not my favorite part) and multiple/parallel universe thinking and you have yourself a mixed up jumble of interesting reading (or listening in my case).

What Is The Leviathan?

So what is The Leviathan?

And even more importantly what are the Leviathan Chronicles? Well, in short it’s a podcast. But it is so much more. When you first go to the website you are greeted with an extremely compelling user interface that takes you into another world. Once you read the description of what it is… a struggle between secret government (black box) agencies and an entire race of “immortals” that live in a science community thousands of feet down at the deepest reaches of the ocean… then you will want to listen.


So what will I hear when I listen?

Just hold on to your seat, that’s all I have to say. The production quality of this podcast is through the roof! If you close your eyes and use your imagination you’ll think you were in a movie theater. The sound effects are very good, the voice acting is phenomenal and it is all brought together so that you aren’t bored at any point during the episode.

So what’s the story like? Is it any good?

Yes, yes and yes! I’ve listened to several episodes now and am inextricably caught up in the action. The government, conspiracy theory stuff reminds me a little of the Alias TV show in the early seasons (when it was still good). The immortal, other world type themes reminded me a lot of The Matrix; a battle that isn’t seen by everyone yet is fought all the same. While they share similarities with those other properties The Leviathan is a completely original and compelling story. I simply compare it because that’s the way my mind works so that I can find points of reference.

So what are you waiting for?!

Seriously, if you are into science fiction then you need to check this out. Not only that but since it’s a podcast you can listen to it wherever you can’t really read. I personally have been listening to it while jogging, but you could listen to it on the way to work or on a flight… anywhere!

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