Tech Bundle – June 13, 2007


Apple To Sell iTunes Through Bebo
In an aggressive move to target the youth demographic Apple will utilize Bebo’s music-focused social network to sell iTunes songs directly to users and site visitors. This will initially roll out as an option in the UK and Ireland.
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Who Needs College? The Triumph of Young Web Founders
From Tom and his 100+ million friends on MySpace to Kristopher Tate broadcasting daily videos to the Zooomr faithful during the Mark III launch crisis, a side effect of social media has been the rise of the iconic founder.
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iTunes Account Required For iPhone Setup
It appears that in the latest round of information released on the eagerly anticipated iPhone from Apple it details that users will be required to have an iTunes account to setup up your iPhone. Hmmm. Does this mean I won’t be able to sync up any of my non-iTunes music to my new phone?
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World Record: 25.6 Terabits Per Second
Combined research teams from the United States and France successfully transmitted a world record 25.6 Terabits per second (Tb/s) of optical data over a single fiber strand, using 160 Wavelength-Division Multiplexed (WDM) channels.
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Battery-powered, Wireless Device Running Java Without An OS
The Sun Small Programmable Object technology (Sun SPOT) is a battery-powered, wireless device running Java on the bare metal (without an OS).
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