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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

I received the strangest spam comment on this blog a while back and have just gotten around to posting about it. Ever want to take out your competitor’s website? Need some intellectual information stolen from somewhere? Well, now I have the hookups! lol Anyway, here is a screenshot of the post complete with a price …

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Win a New iPod Nano!

AdaptiveBlue is promoting their FireFox plugin, Glue, by giving away an iPod Nano! All you have to do is: Install Glue by going to www.getglue.com Follow @glue_genie on Twitter Retweet this message: Entered to win an iPod from www.getglue.com. Just follow @glue_genie and retweet this. http://bit.ly/ipodgg

Cleaning Up HTML Code

I love (sarcastically) cleaning up other people’s HTML code. For instance I just found this little snippet.     So let me get this straight… in this table column you want a single space, formatted with”Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif” font of size 2. Then you want to follow that with another single space formatted with the …

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